Saturday, January 26, 2013

Surprised by Superhero 2044: The First Superhero RPG was More Influential than You Might Think - Christian Lindke

"Second, without Superhero 2044 modern super hero role playing would not be what it is today. Those three major directions I mentioned above? Each of those had a significant influence on the super hero games that came after Superhero 2044. Without this game, there would be no Champions, Supergame, or Golden Heroes. Each of those super hero games lifts a concept out of Superhero 2044 and structures a game around that concept. Superhero 2044 is more than the first super hero role playing game, it is the foundation upon which many games followed. It was the first superhero game to include point based character construction. Though the point expenditure was limited to the building of a character's "attributes" and were not a part of "power design." This innovation, and at the time of Superhero 2044 this was a significant innovation, is one of the major design starting points for a number of super hero role playing games -- not the least of which is the Champions game." 4.5 out of 5