Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview with Evil Hat - Fred Hicks

"Ingo: In the past Evil Hat did something unusual. On the company blog you published the number of sold games. Now you gave the beta version of FATE CORE to all backers of the Kickstarter Campaign. I think these decisions are exemplary, but what is the idea behind this “open business” attitude? Fred Hicks: It’s pretty simple. We’re treating people like we’d like to be treated. Starting out as a game company 7 or so years back it was terribly difficult to get at the information about what reasonable sales performance looked like in gaming. So when we started *having* that information… we provided it so others could benefit. Similarly, we’ve found time and again that if we let folks get a look at our games before we send them to the printer, their scrutiny leads to a better, stronger final product. So the whole “get a look at Fate Core RIGHT NOW” thing for the Kickstarter was a bit of a no-brainer." 4 out of 5