Saturday, January 05, 2013

Interview - Sheila Williams

"Is there one type of story that you see too much of, or not enough of? I mostly tend to see too much of one kind of story when there’s a call for a theme anthology or someone starts mentioning a trend. Sometimes a news item will lead to a run on a theme, too. If “everyone’s doing” a certain kind of story it’s probably best to avoid it. Still, yours might be the best, so you can feel free to ignore this advice, too. Also, I see far too many stories where the main character is bored. If the character is bored, I’m usually bored too. I won’t read past the first paragraph if the character is just waking up. If you write a story about a character getting out of bed and eating breakfast, go back and cut everything that happens before the action begins. Like nearly every editor in this field, I don’t get enough well-thought-out hard SF. I’m always looking for the stories that integrate intriguing characters and clever plotting with well-developed science." 3.5 out of 5