Tuesday, January 22, 2013

INTERVIEW: DEVOLUTION with - Rick Remender and Paul Renaud

"Rick Remender: It’s classic science fiction, heavily inspired by my love of EC comic books and the Twilight Zone television series. But I think readers will be surprised by the amount of attention to character development in this series, we have a very interesting ensemble cast and I’m leaning heavily into satire and humor. Mankind had been devolving long before the chemical devolution agent was introduced into the ecosystem and I’m having a lot of fun poking at that. ... Paul Renaud: When we initially talked about that story, we really wanted to get the feel of the sci fi EC Comics, especially the ones by Williamson/Frazetta/Krenkel. We love the spirit of adventure and discovery that those guys were infusing in every aspect of their comics. The first images that came to me were giant trees, taller than buildings growing inside the cities. I told Rick I wanted to set a background of gigantic proportions where human is the weakest species. Like the world has become King Kong’ Skull Island. The more our guys are moving into the story and into their journey, the bigger it will become." 4 out of 5 http://ifanboy.com/articles/interview-devolution-with-rick-remender-paul-renaud/