Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Vision Machine and the Future of Comics and Digital Entertainment - Greg Pak

"How would you describe The Vision Machine in simple terms, so I don’t get it wrong? Vision Machine is a sci-fi thriller first and foremost; it’s about the world in which we live. Within days or within years, we’re going to see technology released by the biggest tech companies in the world that will allow you to record anything you look at just by thinking about it and share it with the world. You’ll not only be able to record it just by thinking–you’ll be able to edit it, you’ll be able to add special effects…and Vision Machine imagines a world in which these magic glasses allow you to basically share your dreams; if you can imagine it, you can share it and that kind of media making is going to change everything. Putting that power to create in the hands of literally anybody who can put on a pair of glasses will transform the world in ways that we can only begin to imagine right now. That’s what Vision Machine is all about; it’s about these three young friends who get hold of these amazing glasses the iEye, and it’s created by Sprout computers…and embrace the incredible opportunities that arise. But then of course at a certain point the other shoe drops because there’s a whole host of not only copyright and trademark-related kinds of things that arise but these massive questions of privacy and surveillance. And mayhem ensues." 4 out of 5