Monday, December 10, 2012

SF&F in Slovenia - Andrej Ivanusa

"Slovene SF and fantasy has had a long and rich tradition, reaching back to mid-19th century. Themes were in line with the spirit of the epoch, inspired by the fantastic or utopian. The first work of Slovene SF&F, “Mikromega” (1851) was written by Simon Jenko (1835-1869), and followed two decades later by Andrej Volkar’s “Dijak v Luni” (Student in the Moon, 1861). A couple of years later, Josip Stritar (1836-1923) published his story “Deveta dežela” (Ninth Land). Anton Mahnic’s novel “Indija Koromandija” was published in 1884 and reprinted in 1889. In 1888, well-known Slovene author Janez Trdina (1830-1905) published his story “Razodetje” (Uncovering). Ivan Tavčar (1851-1923) published in 1891 his novel “4000” (Four thousand), which was often reprinted in years to come (1902, 1926, 1954, 1966)." 4 out of 5