Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miracleman Chapter 8: The Flashback Pages - Julian Darius

"Cream identifies himself and reveals that he shot Moran, at the end of the previous chapter, with “tranquilizer bullets.” While this resolves that cliffhanger, it’s a resolution that’s vaguely reminiscent of old movie serials (in which a character could fall from a building, tumbling story after story, in a cliffhanger only to catch the first available ledge as the next chapter begins). At the end of chapter seven, Cream’s gun looks normal enough, causes blood loss, and tears through Moran’s clothes like bullets, without any indication of being tranquilizers, which are usually delivered through darts. Cream has gagged Moran, in order to prevent him from saying his “magic word” (a term Cream uses here, in quotes no less). The assassin then recounts Miracleman’s history, clarifying a few details in the process. According to Cream, Miracleman was created in 1954 by Project Zarathustra (previously referenced in chapters five and six). Zarathustra was supervised by the Spookshow, which Cream describes as “a branch of airforce intelligence.” In 1963, it attempted to “terminate the experiment” by killing the Miracleman Family. Miracleman “resurfaced” in 1982, after which Cream was sent “to uncover your true identity and then kill you.”" 4 out of 5