Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author Spotlight - Linda Nagata

"On your blog, you said that “A Moment Before It Struck” is a prequel story set in the world of your Stories of the Puzzle Lands novels. Can you tell us a bit about the universe and how the story fits in? The Puzzle Lands books are a quirky sort of low-tech fantasy: gritty, fast-paced, and darkly humorous. The setting is entirely imaginary, but includes two cultures in conflict: the Koráyos, a stern, egalitarian people, and Lutawa, an extreme patriarchy bent on expansion. Smoke is the protagonist in “A Moment Before It Struck” and also in both Puzzle Lands books. He’s a cold-blooded killer called to serve the will of a violent god, while trying to put together a meaningful life of his own. The short story tells of his estrangement from his close-knit and very peculiar family. The consequences of that estrangement drive the plot of The Dread Hammer, the first book in the Stories of the Puzzle Lands." 3 out of 5