Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author Spotlight - Charlie Jane Anders

"There’re a lot of new terms for personal pronouns, sexual activities, and slang that you’ve created. Can you tell us a bit more about why you chose to use new pronouns and terminology? I spent a lot of time sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting to change planes, coming up with the details of this society. A few things became clear pretty quickly: With six different sexes, everything would become a lot more complicated, and you needed six sets of pronouns to differentiate them. None of the pronouns should conjugate exactly like “he/his/him” or “she/hers/her,” or you would lose some of the jarring quality of them. Also, this was a group of people who were trapped on a spaceship for decades, and they were unable to have children—so their sexuality was completely separated from reproduction and entirely connected to cementing social roles." 3.5 out of 5