Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author Spotlight - A.M. Dellamonica

"In your story, “The Sweet Spot,” Ruthie and Matt are siblings caught in the middle of a drawn-out war, living in Kauai, Hawaii. How did you decide to set the story in this location? I have been writing this series of squid stories, as I call them, for a few years—a couple have been in Strange Horizons and another was in an anthology called Fast Forward: Fiction From The Cutting Edge, edited by Lou Anders. A lot of these are about Ruthless Gerrickle’s life. I’m writing and publishing them out of chronological order, but “The Sweet Spot” is one of the earlier pieces—in other words, she’s still a kid in this one. I have a decent sense of the geographical direction taken in the war between the Democratic Army and the Fiends, and many of my touch points for the history of the war are the big battles for U.S. cities. There’s a Battle of Las Vegas story I haven’t finished yet, and a big fight in Texas when the Fiends cross the Rio Grande, putting ground troops on mainland U.S. soil for the first time. “Five Good Things about Meghan Sheedy” takes place when things are a lot worse, during the Siege of Seattle." 4 out of 5