Friday, November 30, 2012

Yasmini of India - Rick Lai

"In the pages of Adventure, Talbot Mundy created several memorable characters who interacted with one another in the shadowy corners of India and the Middle East. This stellar cast included such luminaries as Athelstan King of the Khyber Rifles, James Schuyler Grim ("Jimgrim") and Cotswold Ommony. The most prominent female member in this recurring group of characters was Yasmini of India. Yasmini appeared in two novelettes, "A Soldier and a Gentleman" ( Adventure, January 1914) and "Gulbaz and the Game" (July 1914), and four novels, The Wind of the World (serialized in Adventure starting in July 1915), King of the Khyber Rifles (serialized in Everbody's beginning in May 1916), Guns of the Gods (serialized in Adventure beginning in March 1, 1921), and The Gray Mahatma ( Adventure, November 10, 1922)." 4 out of 5