Friday, November 23, 2012

Author Interview - Hannu Rajaniemi

"The premise of The Fractal Prince takes its lead from The Arabian Nights… It seemed like a very natural link when you’re dealing with themes of stories within stories. The Arabian Nights is very rich body of source material and it’s also a very interesting, early construct in itself. There’s some quite science fictional material in there and it’s obviously been a big influence on Western culture. It was a nice way to portray this future world where technology approaches magic. Were you also interested in its historical context? You have these stories where people discover strange treasure in the desert or invade tombs. If you look how The Arabian Nights evolved, ancient Baghdad and Cairo were both built upon the ruins of ancient civilizations and grave-robbing was like a proper profession back then. There were manuals published about how to avoid the traps in the pyramids. I thought that was an entertaining analogy for the situation in the city of Sirr in The Fractal Prince, which exists amongst the ruins of technology in a world gone wild in a much more advanced period on Earth, as they try to scrape together some of the artefacts and software they find in this technological desert." 4 out of 5