Monday, September 10, 2012

Dredd Screenwriter Answers Your Questions - Alex Garland

"Q: I was wondering about the collaboration with John Wagner - obviously without going into specifics, how much did the film and the script change as a result of his input? The film is already quite notorious for it's violence - did you encounter problems with this aspect? Was there ever a pressure to tone things down? A: Hi, Radiator. John read the script in various forms and drafts, he saw concept art and uniform/bike designs, he came to the set, and he saw different cuts of the film. Each time, I would sit down with him afterwards and listen carefully. And invariably, after our exchange, something in the film would change. You said don't go into specifics - but I will give an example, just because it's illustrative. About halfway through post-production, John saw an edit and said he thought there should be another moment with Anderson, right at the very end of the film. We didn't have the money to create the moment in our reshoots. So instead I took a Dredd/Anderson two-shot from the start of the movie, got Dredd digitally erased from the frame, and stuck it where John suggested. And he was right. It made a huge difference to the ending. And - I'm sure you realise - that example is just one of many. John is modest about his contribution, but it was considerable. And the same is true of Jock, by the way, on both counts. With regard to the violence, I saw on these boards that there was a rumour many months ago about the violence needing to be toned down. That particular rumour was not true. All the financiers and distributors had read the script, and knew exactly what they were getting into." 4.5 out of 5,36741.0.html