Monday, August 27, 2012

To Save Ourselves: A Conversation with - Nancy Kress

"Where did you start After the Fall? What came first? [Laughs.] It started with the Gaia theory from James Lovelock which came out in the '70s, and which now has pretty much fallen into some disrepute, but I was always fascinated by it. I got his book and I read it, and his basic theory is that the earth can be considered as a large self-regulating, non-conscious entity adjusting itself endlessly to make conditions possible for life. For instance, with all the salt that's washed down into the ocean from the rivers over the millennia, it should be saltier than it is, but it isn't. There are mechanisms for removing the salt down on the ocean floor, and locking it up in a way that the ocean doesn't get too salty to support fish, to support life, so that cells don't burst. And this has turned around in my mind for 30 years now, and at one point it came to me, "Well, if the earth is trying to remove conditions that are inimical to life, the thing on it right now that's the most inimical to life is probably us, with the climate change, pollution, and dead zones in the ocean." I thought, "What if the earth started to fight back?"" 3.5 out of 5