Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Apocalypse Codex 2: Skills Matrix - Charles Stross

""Yes please. They're trying to turn me into one of them." I shudder slightly at the memory of managers past. Bridget and Harriet, banes of my life, who lost a game of king–of–the–castle to Angleton. Andy, who is a nice guy with a bad habit of dropping me in it occasionally. Iris, the best line manager I ever had, who turned out to have hidden depths of a most peculiar and unpleasant kind. I generally have terrible luck with managers—except for Angleton, who isn't a manager exactly (he just scares the crap out of everyone who tries to use him as a chess piece). Sitting uneasily somewhere outside the regular org chart, off to one side, doing special projects for Mahogany Row, he hardly counts. "You're wrong," Mo says crisply, and pours a goodly dollop of pinot noir into my glass. "If they tried to turn you into another pointy–haired clone they'd destroy your utility to the organization—and beating swords into ploughshares is not in the game plan. They're gearing up to fight a shooting war." She tops up her own glass. "Here's to your imminent officer's commission, love."" 4 out of 5