Sunday, August 12, 2012

Takes Us Beneath the Seas of Osiris - E. J. Swift

"I’ve always been drawn to the sea and although in OSIRIS the ocean is a hostile environment, I wanted the novel to have an immersive feel, a sense that the sea is all-pervading – so for example in Osiris terms ‘dry’ is skint, ‘wet’ is dripping with cash. Tales of land are passed down through generations; those born in Osiris have never seen it, but their dreams are haunted by the ground they have never walked upon. The central characters for me are very much the products of their environments; not only in the relative wealth or poverty of their situations, but in the sense that this city in the middle of the ocean, cut off from the rest of the world, could drive you slowly insane. What happened to Adelaide’s twin brother Axel was a direct expression of this and something I would like to explore further at some stage, possibly through short fiction." 3 out of 5