Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Shelf Confessions Interview - Madeline Ashby

"How did this story come to you – I find it so unique, and since I haven’t read it yet I’m curious to know any tidbits of how you got to your starting point. Did you start at the end and work back? you know …like dessert first – I do so love my dessert first! I was working on a Master’s thesis on Japanese animation, cyborg theory, and fan culture, so I was watching a lot of anime — everything Ghost in the Shell in particular. My first husband had this theory that the Tachikomas would turn into von Neumann machines as a method of prolonging their lives, and then I started wondering the same about Naruto’s shadow clones. (Specifically, I wondered if all the shadow clones worked in parallel process. Could they act like a distributed cognition network, etc.) So self-replication was on my mind." 3.5 out of 5 http://www.myshelfconfessions.com/posts/interview-madeline-ashby-author-vn/