Friday, August 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: Author of One Click Banishment - Jeremiah Tolbert

"Was this story a particularly challenging one to write? If so, how? It was challenging in that I had a solid idea for the worldbuilding, but the nature of the protagonist was slow to develop. Then I realized that parts of the story were expressing my own anxiety about growing older and falling behind on tech, so I made that central to my character and it started to work much better. Most authors say all their stories are personal. If that’s true for you, in what way was this story personal to you? Well, see the previous question really. I spend 9-10 hours online every day for my work. The anxiety that Hidr faces, the fear of not being on top of what can be done, is a very real one for anyone who works in web design for a living. Staying on top technologically is crucial to our ability to make a living." 3.5 out of 5