Monday, August 27, 2012

In a Carapace of Light: A Conversation with - China Miéville

"Are there any books that you inhabited when you were younger that changed you in a significant way? Books that you keep visiting in your mind? Oh my god, so many! Absolutely heaps, and often when I am asked to list them, one forgets them because they are so close up. It's like that thing when you look for your glasses, and you are wearing them. The paradox is a lot of the books that are most embedded in me are books that I sometimes forget to mention, which is a terrible injustice. The short answer is yes, loads. I mean there is no hard division between children's books and adult books. I would say book that did that for me, hugely, was The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, which is not a children's book. It's an adult book, but I read it when I was probably eleven. It absolutely took up residence in my head. It's one of the key texts in my head." 3.5 out of 5