Monday, August 27, 2012

Escape To the Jungle - Howard Andrew Jones

"I took the chance and picked up that 1950s issue of Jungle Stories. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d get; but what I didn’t expect was an action-packed adventure with glowing zombie-men who disintegrated into ash when slain, or the machinations of an ageless sorceress intent on… well, I don’t remember what she was intent on, really, but she wanted to conquer something, and she fell for Ki-Gor, hard, as scheming villainesses do. It was corny and ridiculous and over-the-top, and certainly not politically correct. But you had the sense while reading it that the writer had said to himself, “Okay, well, if I’m being hired to write a cliched jungle adventure, I’m going to make it the best cliched jungle adventure I possibly can.” I had stumbled outside of my genre comfort zone and discovered something fascinating. I had to find more Ki-Gor. Who was he, and what about these Jungle Stories? Were they all this much fun, with so many fantasy elements?" 4 out of 5