Sunday, August 12, 2012

Al-Qaeda Zombies and American Vampires: On Christopher Farnsworth’s Blood Oath - Lavie Tidhar

"Let me sum it up for you: Cade, the President’s vampire, must save the United States from an Al-Qaeda zombie attack. Perpetrated by Dr. Frankenstein. Who is an ex-Nazi. And the best part? The very best part? There’s a moment in the book when Cade has to get from somewhere back to Washington in time to save the President. From the zombies. Who are made of the body parts of dead US Servicemen. I am not making this up! But he can’t make it back in time. It’s a three hour flight by conventional airplane. So he rings up the US Air Force. And they send over a plane designed from alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash. As you do!" 4 out of 5