Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lightspeed Interview - Robin Hobb

"You started out publishing fiction under the name “Megan Lindholm,” but your given name is actually “Margaret.” So how did you become a “Megan”? One of my first professionally published stories was in an anthology called Amazons!, of which Jessica Amanda Salmonson was the editor. Prior to that I had been publishing as “M. Lindholm,” and when it came time to put the anthology together, Jessica said that she really wanted to use full names on the stories, as she felt that for many years female writers had been forced to hide behind a single initial—or a male name—in order to get published. My response was that the “M” was something that I used because I had no particular attachment to my given name of Margaret—or Peggy, or Maggie, or Meg—and I said, “Well, Megan’s not too bad. But none of those names really resonate with me, so I’ve always just left it as M. Lindholm.” Well, when the anthology came out and I opened my copy, I saw that my byline was now “Megan Lindholm.” There had been a misunderstanding, and Jessica had thought that was the name that I was actually choosing as a first name for my pseudonym." 4 out of 5