Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wake of the Bloody Angel 1 - Alex Bledsoe

"I picked up the chain. A locket hung from it, but I didn’t open it. “Nice jewelry,” I said. “A little pricey for a regular sailor, though. Was he a pirate?” “Not when I met him. But later…yeah.” Pirate. That was not a word I liked to hear. Back in my mercenary days, I’d crossed both paths and swords with the so-called “brotherhood of the surf,” and the thing that stuck with me most was the smell. Granted an army-for-hire that had been in the field for a while was no bouquet of roses either, but the odor of these sea vermin–a mix of sweat, salt, fish, and blood–impressed me with its organic rankness. They seemed a separate species, governed by laws so arcane and labyrinthine that even looking at one of them risked sparking a violent confrontation. I avoided them whenever possible." 3.5 out of 5