Sunday, May 13, 2012

SFFWRTCHT Interview – Author Michael F. Flynn

"SFFWRTCHT: How much and what type of research do you typically do before writing or as you write?

MFF: One of the features of the Spiral Arm series is the future and blending of various cultures, so one of the things I research is different languages. There are a couple I can handle myself. For others, like Tamil or Arabic, I rely on friends and acquaintances. For still others, like Ibo or Hungarian, I have grammar books and vocabularies in my library. So I’ll look up words and so forth, then apply some phoneme shifts. The same goes for personal names and such.

For the science and technology, I rely on speculative science articles, such as those by Dr. John Cramer in Analog. That was where I read about Krasnarov tubes – subway tunnels in space – and some noodling around would give me a bit more detail. I was also receiving summaries of technological announcements by various research groups, which is where I learned about self-repairing materials, invisibility cloaks, and so forth. Most of this research was not done specifically for any particular book, but was gathered magpie-like in passing and kept in a notions box in the back of my head."

3.5 out of 5


RL Harlan said...

Thank You for this article. I have read some of Mr. Flynn's work. The help was valuable to an author starting out.

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