Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview With - Madeleine Ashby

"L.R.R. vN opens with a beautiful family scene between Amy and her parents; her vN mother Charlotte, and her human father Jack. They have a healthy normal family life. I realize this is a loaded question, but do you think this is a possible future for humanity – mixed couples of one human partner and one synthetic/humanoid partner? M.A. David Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots, would certainly say so. He’s an expert on artificial intelligence, primarily with regard to programming chess games. I’m sure there are plenty of commonalities between sex and chess, but not being a chess player I wouldn’t know them. For my part, I think there are already people who would embrace a mixed organic/synthetic life. One thing I tried to make clear about those relationships in the novel is that they’re what happens at the end of the line. When you’ve been hurt and betrayed by your fellow humans too many times, when you’re just too tired of looking, when you realize you have a very particular fetish no random individual could reasonably be expected to satisfy, when you’re just done with the whole dance — that’s when vN come in." 4 out of 5