Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creeping Hemlock Press Team Up to Kickstart New Horror Magazine - John Joseph Adams

"Tell us how the idea for Nightmare Magazine came about.

In June 2010, I launched Lightspeed Magazine, an online magazine that focused exclusively on science fiction. In March 2011, I took over as editor of Fantasy Magazine, an online magazine that focused exclusively on fantasy. It was around that time that I first started thinking about launching a horror magazine as well. While editing both Lightspeed and Fantasy, I often came across stories that were horrific in nature, and while I did publish a fair number of those, I did encounter a number of stories I thought were great, but felt like they would be more appropriate to publish in a horror magazine.

My desire to edit a horror magazine also stems from my experience working as an anthologist; my biggest success in that realm has been in horror, with my anthology The Living Dead, which came out right around the time the zombie craze was cresting. Many consider it to be the definitive zombie anthology, and it was nominated for the World Fantasy Award. I also did a vampire anthology called By Blood We Live, then a sequel to The Living Dead (The Living Dead 2), and many people consider my post-apocalyptic anthology Wastelands to be horror. All of them—especially The Living Dead—sold very well, but other than those three (or four) books, all of my other anthologies have been science fiction or fantasy. Ever since I edited those books, I've wanted to find a way to keep my fingers in the horror market—and a magazine seemed like great way to do so."

4.5 out of 5`