Wednesday, April 04, 2012

on Dread Empire, Garret P.I. and the Dos and Don'ts of Writing - Glen Cook

"SFFWRTCHT: Did you plan it as a series or did that just evolve over time?

G.C.: It was an evolutionary process beginning with the editing process for the first book. The editor who bought it was troubled by Black Company because she saw it as so different from all the Tolkien clones going around in those days. She insisted I do a trilogy in which the men of the Company would eventually show us that they were not irredeemably wicked. By the time I completed White Rose I knew Shadow Games. That underwent mitosis and became Shadow Games and Silver Spike. By then Dreams Of Steel was obvious and Glittering Stone had to be done. That last, however, had a litter: Bleak Seasons, She Is The Darkness, Water Sleeps, and Soldiers Live.

SFFWRTCHT: You’ve written ten books so far. Are there plans for more?

G.C.: Actually, there are, assuming I survive long enough to complete them. Port Of Shadows will take place in the interval between Black Company and Shadows Linger. A Pitiless Rain will follow on after Soldiers Live. The initial two parts of Port Of Shadows have been published already as short fiction, “Tides Elba” in Swords And Dark Magic Edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders. There was a Subterranean Press limited hardcover edition and a Harper/Collins trade paperback. “Smelling Danger” was in the Subterranean Press limited edition Tales Of Dark Fantasy 2 edited by William Shafer. I will be turning my full attention to Port Of Shadows as soon as I have cleared off some prior obligations."

4 out of 5