Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hellnotes Interview - Kim Newman

"5. You wrote The Vampire Genevieve and Orgy of the Blood Parasites as Jack Yeovil. Any reason for the pseudonym?

Newman: The specific reason is that when I started writing for GW Books, who put out the novels collected in The Vampire Genevieve, all the other writers working on the Warhammer line were using pseudonyms so I thought I should too. Later, Ian Watson put out Warhammer books under his own name and in retrospect I wish I’d done that too. Though they were written to fit into worlds other people had created, and (perhaps more important) I don’t control or own the publishing rights to them, the books are pretty much mine and I remain pleased with them. Having built up a parallel career as Jack Yeovil, it’s occasionally been useful to have the name for other things, like Orgy of the Blood Parasi (a gruesome paperback horror novel written in a week). The name comes from the main character in Dreamers, my first published story – there, it was ‘John Yeovil’. "

3.5 out of 5