Friday, April 06, 2012

The Darkest Shade of Grey 1 - Alan Baxter

"Come on, Stella, this is exciting!’ Aileen’s eyes held a dare. Slowly Stella reached out her hand and put one finger back on the arrow.

‘Ask something else,’ Bradley said quietly.

David took a slow breath. ‘Who’s there?’

The arrow trembled then began sliding back and forth across the board. The four of them stiffened.The arrow moved smoothly, unnaturally. David read aloud. ‘L-A-M-A-S-H-T-U. Lamashtu?’ The lights blinked, everything black for half a second. Both women screamed. In the blackness David saw a darker silhouette, a human shape.

Stella, Aileen, and Bradley all whipped their hands away, looking accusingly at David. ‘Fuck, mate, how did you do that?’"

3.5 out of 5