Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blood Kin 1 - M. J. Scott

"I overbalanced, grabbed for the chimney pot and missed. Instead my hand fastened around the weathervane. And whilst the chimney pot was solidly built, the weathervane was not. It had succumbed to rust and decay like half the things in this benighted borough.

It snapped with a dull twang and I tumbled forward. There was a jerking tear as my invisibility charm caught on the edge of the chimney pot and tore free. My arms blinked into visibility as I tipped over the edge of the roof. I grasped hopelessly for the gutter—missing it by a margin of inches—then my head twisted towards the street four stories below. The only other thing I noticed was a man on a horse. He looked up, shock flashing across his face as I screamed.

Lady knew what good screaming would do. Four stories is high. I was about to die."

3.5 out of 5