Monday, April 02, 2012

Author Spotlight - Paul J. McAuley

"What do you think the future holds in the next 20 years? Will “Gene Wars” continue to be relevant, or increase in its relevance?

I think genetic engineering will definitely continue to be important, so I guess “Gene Wars” may continue to ride in its slipstream for a little while longer. As to where genetic engineering is headed, it will become cheaper, and more ubiquitous, and it may well become more important in the developing world than in the US or Europe. There’s a kind of Luddite resistance to genetic engineering, here. It’s become mixed up in environmental politics, and the politics of fundamentalists. Some aspects of genetic engineering definitely present ethical and moral challenges, but the entire field is in danger of being defined by problematic outliers. The developing world, which not only has serious problems with food and energy supply, but is also at the sharp edge of climate change, doesn’t have the luxury of such scruples. The biggest and best biotech labs aren’t in the US or the UK; they’re in places like the technological pressure-cooker of the Pearl River Delta, in China. That’s where the action is going to be."

3.5 out of 5