Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sense of Wonder Interview - Lavie Tidhar

"LT: I’m working on too many things, probably! I’m working on this quite ambitious, what you’d call a “mosaic” novel called Central Station. It’s set in a future Middle East, and parts of it have been published in places like Clarkesworld and Interzone. It’s a very different thing to Osama, and I’m trying to both correspond with classic Western SF and at the same time do some very non-Western things with it.

I’m also working on another weird noir novel!

In terms of what’s coming out, I’ve got a novel called Martian Sands coming out next year, a small graphic novel – Adolf Hitler’s “I Dream of Ants” – coming out soon, and a themed short story collection, Black Gods Kiss – of what I call Guns & Sorcery – coming out at some point, possibly this year. And The Apex Book of World SF 2, which I edited, should be out shortly!"

4 out of 5