Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why UFOs Are Actually Made of Bread and Other Little Known Facts - Walter Jon Williams

"Many people will see your name and have an image of a man who’s been comfortably self employed as an author for decades. Few know the real ups and downs of a career. I’m often amazed at what you manage to survive; it’s a real testament to your commitment and artistic versatility. Could you pick an event or two (or more even) from your career that challenged you and share them?

Walter designs the cover layouts for his backlist - now all available on Kindle. All the covers that follow were done by him.

I’m the only writer I know who has actually been blackmailed by an editor, who told me that he wouldn’t pay me for my novel unless I did another, very different project for him.

The whole story (and much else) can be found in an old blog post of mine.

I’ve also been told — by a major publisher, no less — that they would publish my book, but not pay me the agreed advance. Before the dust settled on that one, lawyers were involved"

3.5 out of 5