Monday, February 13, 2012

Siduri's Net 1 - Paula Downing King

"High above Epsilon Tauri's star-system, Siduri's Net and her senior cloudship, Siduri's Dance, sailed against the luminescent clouds of a comet's tail, their magnetic sails spread wide to gather a rich harvest. For six weeks Net and Dance had sailed the comet's tail, pacing the comet's blazing descent toward the local sun. With each new course into the tail, they had filled their holds, returned briefly to open space to sort their catch of power isotopes, then plunged again into the glowing tail. Two more courses, another several days, and, their holds filled with rare product, the two cloudships would turn out-system toward Tania's Ring, the Tauri world which held their contract for tritium fuel and unusual ices, atomic treasures that fueled Tania's newborn colony economy.

I should come out here more often, Pov thought wistfully, as he always did when he had the chance to watch Net from outboard. In design, his cloudship vaguely resembled the older wind-driven ships, but suggested other analogues in the large triangular prow that housed the control decks, the wide wings of the forward hull that powered the collecting sails, and the jumble of spheres and suspended bridges aft where Net's crew of three hundred lived, worked, and played."

3 out of 5