Monday, February 13, 2012

Maia's Veill 1 - Paula Downing King

"The morning after Siduri's Net returned to Tania's Ring and docked at Omsk Station, Pov Janusz and Athena Mikelos, Net's pilotmaster, stood in front of a viewing window high on Net's prow, watching the repairs to Siduri's Dance in the docking bay nearby. During Net's three-week absence at T Tauri, Omsk Station had replaced several of the senior cloudship's hull plates and had removed the damaged sail assembly, nothing more. Still crippled, Dance drifted idly at her mooring, with a single Omsk repair jitney hovering above her.

"Captain Rybak's first words," Pov said, "were, I quote, 'God, you took long enough, Net.' Then he berated Captain Andreos about this and that, sputtered himself into a total rage, and clicked off before Andreos even got a word in."

Athena grimaced and shook her dark curls. "Why am I not surprised? We took a long time, he says. Maybe next year, at this rate, Dance might be spaceworthy again." She turned away from the window and sighed."

3 out of 5