Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guardian of Night 1-6 - Tony Daniel

"He’d take her to the full nine hundred times the speed of light, the limit of propulsion technology, the current speed limit of the known galaxy. Why not? He was the captain. He needed to experience how his vessel operated at maximum velocity.

Away from the Shiro, the enormous habitat that was the Administration’s governing hub. Away from the knotted heart of the Administration and its Regulation. Its parasitism. Its killing grip on his soul.

Ricimer turned his back to the stars and made his way to the vessel’s entrance hatch. Ricimer met the invisible barrier of the airlock’s quantum bottle and stepped through and into the craft’s atmosphere.

It was oxygen-based and similar to Earth’s mix, with helium taking the place of nitrogen. The pressure was considerably higher than Earth normal, however.

The phenol-laced ester of imperative and command swam into all their nostrils as Lieutenant-Commander Hadria Talid, Ricimer’s executive officer, made her customary announcement. “Captain on the bridge.”

The officers locked their knees and brought shoulders to attention. The rates could only acknowledge their captain’s presence by lowering their heads respectfully. Each was physically attached to a bulkhead, his or her hands plunged into individually marked stations. Ricimer and his species did not have fingers, but made do with a single flexible metacarpal palm curtained with gripping membranes that looked like the underside of a toadstool mushroom. The edges of the manual membranes were rimmed with nerves—nerves which provided direct access to the rate’s nervous systems for the Guardian of Night’s computers."

3.5 out of 5