Monday, February 13, 2012

Flare Star Prologue - Paula Downing King

"In the twelfth year of the Wolf colony, a ten-thousand-year cycle completed itself deep in the star's ruby heart. The star stirred uneasily as convection cells lifted high-energy plasma to the formerly impenetrable barrier between interior and surface and pressed for release. As Wolf rotated on her axis, the differential rotation at equator and poles wrapped her magnetic lines into a bewildering confusion, winding Wolf like a top. Starspots, the visible mark of a star's magnetic stress, darkened her ruddy face and spread inexorably from the equator toward the poles. The decompressing flare, inhibited by the rising plasma, became dangerously delayed.

After ten thousand years, a cycle had ended. Deep within Wolf, her forces began building, shuddering upward through the gas layers, rousing the sleeper..."

3.5 out of 5