Monday, February 13, 2012

The Art of Arrow Cutting 1 - Stephen Dedman

""Higuchi-san should be in his office, sir ... he was there when I left him." Nakatani's eyes bugged slightly as the cobra's hood swelled and seemed to become scaly. "Inagaki and Tsuchiya are watching him. You didn't say you wanted him brought to you--"

"I don't," Tamenaga grunted, and was silent for a moment. "Does the girl know what she has taken from us, Nakatani-san?"

Nakatani's gaze followed the tattoo as it wound its way to just below Tamenaga's wrist. "It seems barely possible, sir..."

"There are some people for whom anything is possible, Nakatani-san," said Tamenaga smoothly. The cobra lifted its head and stared straight at Nakatani.

"Was anything else stolen?" asked Tamenaga.

Nakatani stared back at the cobra. It flicked its tongue at him and its hood widened.

"Was anything else stolen?" repeated Tamenaga sharply.

Nakatani pulled himself together as best he could. "No, sir."

"You're certain?"

"Nothing else is missing," said Nakatani, not taking his eyes from the snake's. "Maybe some cash of Higuchi's, but he says no--"

"Then she knew what she was looking for, neh?" Tamenaga brooded. His son-in-law was probably telling the truth this time: Tamenaga doubted that he had the imagination to lie competently. Certainly he'd never been able to hide his infidelities from Haruko (who was Westernized enough to be irritated by them), let alone from Tamenaga.

"She may not be able to use it," Nakatani ventured."

3.5 out of 5