Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Are the Duckers of Crosses - Robert E. Howard

We are the duckers of crosses,
We are the swingers of swings.
We count our gains and our losses
In all of the fourth rate rings.
We are the bums and the slackers
Swiggers of Ancient Crow.
Yet the fans pay sixteen smackers
To see us knocked for a row.
Bout losers and bout forsakers
They hand us a-many slams,
For we are the set-ups and fakers,
We are the fourth-rate hams!
We are the takers of slams and blips!
Jester and ring-side clown!
But sometimes we go with our trunks on our hips
And jerk us a title down!
Taking bout that champs are shying,
Where the ring gong clangs and thrums
Where the swining mitts are flying—
We are the fourth-rate bums!

4 out of 5