Wednesday, December 21, 2011

There’s An Isle Far Away On The Breast Of The Sea - Robert E. Howard

There's an isle far away on the breast of the sea,
A gem that is set in the stars of the bay,
And it lives in the hearts of the wanderers who stray,
(And begob it's too good for such spalpeens as ye!)

Oh the sorrow on them that have sailed from its swards!
On the thoughts that they think and the sighs that they sigh!
Is it liquor alone that is dimming their eye?
(With the graft that they get from misvotin' the wards.)

Oh, oft to that isle the fond memory flies!
To the brooks where they sported, so young and so chaste
And the dear drowsy shores that they left in such haste
(For the stealin' of cows and the tellin' of lies.)

There the soft fleecy clouds on the mountains repose,
And the breeze is a kiss and perfume to the mind,
And love reigns supreme and peace sits enshrined.
(So shut your damned mouth or I'll break your damned nose.)

Oh the men of the isle are all loyal and bold
And the women are lovely and fair to the eye;
Ochone for the ones who left with a sigh.
(Betrayin' their friends for the Englishman's gold.)

Oh never the love of that island shall slack
As long as her sons shall roam the world round,
For a country so beautiful will ne'er be found.
(God pity the bastards that have to go back.)

3 out of 5’s_an_isle_far_away_on_the_breast_of_the_sea...