Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Song of the Last Briton - Robert E. Howard

The Song of the Last Briton

The sea is grey in the death of day;
Behind me lifts the night.
I'll flee no more from the ancient shore
Where first I saw the light.

The Saxons come and the Saxons go,
With the ebb and surge of the tide;
Their galleys loom, millipedes of doom,
But here I shall bide.

My castles rust in crimson dust,
Red ruins tossed in the drift---
But the sea is grey and the wolf's at bay
(though the ravens circle swift).

So come from your mists of Northern Sea,
Where the smoke-blue hazes melt;
Your dead shall lie where here I die,
The last unconquered Celt.

4 out of 5