Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Sappe Ther Wos And That A Crumbe Manne - Robert E. Howard

A sappe ther wos and that a crumbe manne
Whoe from the timee that he firs beganne
To jazzen oute he lopved rapery,
And many a damsel sat himme on his knee.
As far as goeth manne he had wente,
And many a virgin's gude name hadde bente.
Betimes among the dames of seventeen,
And jazzen all the nighte at Racine.
To Philadelphia hadde been alsoe
Ageyne another trull in Chicagoe.
And many a damsel hadde proved fickle,
"Gude sirs," quote, "A maiden for an ickle
"Her pantys taken down for any manne,
"I hode you sirs, ageyne the whole damn clanne."
And forthwith bought a ticket to New Yorke
Because Hisse wife expected ther the storke.

2.5 out of 5