Sunday, December 04, 2011

Planesrunner 1 - Ian McDonald

"“Do you know what the Many Worlds Theory is?” Everett said. He leaned forward across the table. Previous occupants had doodled stars and spirals and cubes and the names of football clubs on the peeling plastic. “Every time the smallest least tiniest thing happens, the universe branches. There’s a universe where it happened, and a universe where it didn’t. Every second, every microsecond every day, there are new universes splitting off from this one. For every possible event in history, there’s a universe, out there somewhere, right beside this one.” Everett lifted a finger and drew a line through the air. “A billion universes, just there now. Every possible universe is out there somewhere. This isn’t something someone made up, this is a proper physical theory. That’s what physics means: real, solid, actual. Does that sound not so important to you? It sounds to me like the biggest thing there is.”

“That’s very interesting, Everett.” Leah-Leanne-Leona’s tea mug had a badly rendered picture of a fat tabby cat on its back waving its paws. I CAN HAZ TEE, said the fat cat."

2.5 out of 5