Sunday, December 18, 2011

Old Faro Bill Was A Man Of Might - Robert E. Howard

Old Faro Bill was a man of might
In the days when the West was young,
He drank a gallon of booze each night—
The toughest galoot unhung!
Oh, some men shrink at the sight of blood!
Bill roomed in a cougar's lair
And for tobacco he carried a cud
Of Mexican prickly pear!
Old Faro came of a wolfish breed,
When he was a suckling child
He laughed at the marahuana weed
For he said that is was too mild.
Old Faro he was a buffalo
When it came to rough-and-tumble,
He laid the toughest battlers low
With never a miss or fumble.
Some men stammer and halt and pause
At the sight of lover's moons,
But Faro married a hundred squaws
And a couple of octaroons.

3.5 out of 5