Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Machine 1 - Jennifer Pelland

"The tech put her through a battery of physical and mental tests to make sure that her mind had integrated properly with her new body, then he gestured toward a curtained-off corner of the room where a pile of clothes awaited her. Once she was dressed, the security guards delivered her to the office of Dr. Kenneth McElvoy, the patient relations administrator for the program. “It’s good to see you again, Ms. Krajewski,” he said, smiling at her through an orange beard that had seemingly gotten fluffier over the past week. “How are you feeling?”

“What happened?” she asked.

His smile vanished. “The Hartford clinic was firebombed. There haven’t been any threats against our facility, but we’ve stepped up security anyway, just as a precaution. Don’t worry — patient safety is very important to us.”

She’d meant what had happened with Rivka, but she couldn’t bear to ask again.

4 out of 5