Friday, December 02, 2011

In the Mouth of the Whale 1 Bow Shock - Paul J. McAuley

"Late that night, Maria returned from the hospital and looked in on her daughter and found the bed empty. She checked the other rooms in the bungalow and went outside and woke Ama Paulinho. The two women went to the shed where the Child kept her menagerie, and then they searched the rest of the compound. The private gate was locked; the watchman at the public gate at the front of the hospital apologised and said that he had not seen the doctor's daughter. With the help of two night nurses, Maria and Ama Paulinho searched the wards and surgical rooms, the kitchens and storerooms, the offices and the pathology lab, the pharmacy and the out-patient clinic. They found the Child at last in the mortuary, asleep on a chair near the rack of refrigerated drawers where those who had died in the hospital or in accidental or suspicious circumstances were stored before being autopsied."

3 out of 5