Monday, December 19, 2011

The Giant Thief 1 - David Tallerman

"The sun was going down by the time they decided to hang me.

In fairness, they hadn’t rushed the decision.

They’d been debating it for almost an hour since my capture and initial beating. One of the three was in favour of handing me over to an officer from amongst the regulars. The second had been determined to slit my throat, and was so set in his opinion that I’d hoped he might make a start with his companions. On that basis, I’d decided to lend him my encouragement. “He’s right, you know. It’s quick, but painful, and less messy than you might expect.” All that had earned me was a particularly vicious kick to the forehead, so I’d settled for the occasional nod or mumble of assent instead.

I’d often been told that sooner or later I’d steal the wrong thing from the wrong person and end up with my neck in a noose. While I’d occasionally suspected there was some truth to the theory, I’d made a point of trying not to think about it. struck me as a needlessly drawn out and unpleasant way to go, so I’d comforted myself with the knowl-edge that – law enforcement in the Castoval being what it is – I’d never need to worry unless I got care-less or exceptionally stupid.

That day, unfortunately, I’d been both. "

4 out of 5