Monday, December 19, 2011

Embedded 1 - Dan Abnett

"“You look like shit. But shit that I’m pleased to see,” she replied. “Buy me a drink.” He’d known her for years, but the core of their rela-tionship was a sixteen month assignment to Seventy-Seven. Cleesh was a data wet nurse, feeding, supplying and managing the newslines from a can station circling at twenty-nine miles. She was the most able and clued-in editor-engineer he’d ever worked with. They’d become friends, but he’d never met her in the flesh. She never unhooked from the plug network and left her no-grav home. Prolonged no-grav fucked you up, sooner or later. It made you bone-light or flesh-heavy, sometimes both. No matter how well sunlight, clean air, fresh water and food were simulated, they were still simulated, and it poisoned you eventually. Diabetes, SAD, muscle wastage, organ failure, obesity, eczema, there was always some kind of price.

They talked. He became aware of how twig-scrawny his wrists were compared to hers. Perhaps he had been riding the drivers too long.

“You’re here to cover the thing that isn’t a war?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“You got an in? They’re freeking® tight about the press free-associating with servicemen.” "

4 out of 5