Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Dream and the Shadow - Robert E. Howard

I dreamed a stony idol striding came
Out of the shadows of a brooding land,
And drew me, with unspoken, grim comman
Into the dark. He named a monstrous Name,
And when I shrank with more than earthly shame,
He raised me high, gripped in his granite hand,
And crushed me―then to stain the silver sand,
My blood dripped down in jets of crimson flame.

I woke, and cold with horror of this dream,
Rose in my bed, crossed white with moonlight's bars.
Sudden a monstrous shadow seemed to loom
Above my bed; I lay and could not scream.
Across the sky a shadow passed like doom,
And for an instant, blotted out the stars.

4 out of 5