Sunday, December 04, 2011

Black Chant Imperial - Robert E. Howard

Trumpets triumph in red disaster,
White skulls litter the broken sod,
And we who rode for the one Black Master
Howl at the iron gates of God,

Temples rock and singers falter,
Lights go out in the rushing gloom―
Slay the priest on this blackened altar,
Rip the babe from the women's womb!

Black be the night that locks around them,
They who chant of the God and Light,
Black be the pinions that shall confound them,
Breaking their brains with a deadly fright.

Praised be the Prince that rules forever
Throned in the shadows stark and grim,
Where cypress moans by the midnight river―
Lift your goblets and drink to him!

Virgins wail and a babe is whining
Nailed like a flag on a gory lance;
White on the skulls the stars are shining,
Over them sweeps our demon's dance.

Trumpets bray and stars are riven!
Shatter the altar, blot the light!
From the bursting hells to the fallen heaven
We are kings of the world tonight!

4 out of 5